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Solid Surface
KAT Fabricators - Solid Surface - Dallas Fort Worth North Texas
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Solid surface countertops are the ultimate in seamless beauty! All large countertop installations have seams, but unlike granite or quartz, the seams in solid surface countertops are nearly invisible. The seamless appearance also extends to the optional integrated sinks, as well as seamless "coved" backsplash.

Any future damage to solid surface countertops is easy to repair, and refinishing can quickly bring life back to roughly treated countertops. KAT Fabricators offers all major brands of solid surface countertops, which carry a 10 to 15 year warranty. We can even "thermoform" the material to create curved backsplash or skirts. Excellent for use in a low maintenance shower as well!

DuPont Corian
KAT Fabricators - DuPont Corian Countertops

Discover unlimited possibilities. Follow the latest trend. Start your own. Do something positive for the planet. Surround yourself with sophistication. There’s one solid surface that gives you the ultimate in freedom of expression and choice, in your kitchen, your bath, and throughout your home. It’s DuPont™ Corian®, it’s your surface. The one that makes whatever you see in it possible.

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KAT Fabricators - Avonite Solid Surface Countertops

For over 25 years, Avonite's innovation has created products that push the boundaries and expectations of surfacing and set new product benchmarks for the entire industry. Today, their leadership role in sustainable design and innovation continues to take surfacing beyond ordinary.

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HI-MACS Acrylic Solid Surface
KAT Fabricators - HI-MACS Solid Surface Countertops

HI-MACS® is extremely hardwearing and durable and transforms the kitchen or bathroom throughout the day into universal function spaces. Comfortable, easy to care for handle and clean. This stunning and highly functional installations of HI-MACS® combine both elements into desirable living spaces.

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Samsung Staron
KAT Fabricators - Staron Solid Surface Countertops

Staron® Solid Surfaces have imperceptible seams, which enables designers to integrate sinks, backsplashes, and countertops into a smooth, one-piece kitchen or bathroom system. The color options are as varied as the Staron® Solid Surfaces are versatile, and is available in more than 100 colors to complement any décor.

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Formica® Solid Surface
KAT Fabricators - Formica Solid Surface Countertops

Smooth and shapely. The beauty of Formica® Solid Surfacing goes all the way through to look perfectly finished from any angle and offers endless design options, including edgings, accents and inlay for countertops, vanities, sinks or custom applications.

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