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HI-MACS Acrylic Solid Surface

Minimalist Elegance Meets Exacting Function

KAT Fabricators - HI-MACS Solid Surface Countertops - Dallas Fort Worth North Texas
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HI-MACS® is extremely hardwearing and durable and transforms the kitchen or bathroom throughout the day into universal function spaces. Comfortable, easy to care for handle and clean. This stunning and highly functional installations of HI-MACS® combine both elements into desirable living spaces.

Classic Colors: Soft or loud, subtle or staggering, the shades and particulate patterns of HI-MACS® Classic let your designs speak in exciting and original ways.

Volcanics: Large translucent chips in HI-MACS® Volcanics Solid Surface create dazzling color options, giving your surface breathtaking beauty, clarity and depth.

Eden Plus: Explore sustainable design with HI-MACS® Eden Plus Surfaces, one of the most environmentally conscious acrylic products available, featuring up to 41% certified pre-consumer recycled material. HI-MACS® Eden Plus Surfaces are GREENGUARD Certified for Indoor Air Quality and can receive LEED® credits in sustainable design.

Galaxy: Introducing HI-MACS® Galaxy, the next dimension in solid surfaces. Celestial colors are fused with large transparent chips to emphasize today's new quartz styles while maintaining the features and functionality of solid surface materials.

Marmo: Introducing HI-MACS® Marmo, a solid surface that embodies the organic look of natural stone, with a captivating combination of veined patterns and translucent chips. HI-MACS® Marmo looks so real, it could fool Mother Nature herself.

HI-MACS Classic Colors:

HI-MACS Eden Plus Colors:

HI-MACS Galaxy Colors:

HI-MACS Marmo Colors:

HI-MACS Volcanic Colors:

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